Melton Toyota

From Keith and Joan Harrison's humble service station beginnings on High St in 1973, to Grant Harrison's outstanding facilities on the same street today, Melton Toyota has always credited its success to one key belief: Honesty Above All.

Keith and Joan set a foundation for our business rich in community spirit. Family values remain central to our beliefs, our actions, and our ambitions for the future. Forward-thinking and innovative, Melton Toyota has earned wide respect for anticipating its customers desires and needs.

Our focus is on turning simply 'good' into 'Great!' and we call this quest the Melton Toyota Way.

On Keith and Joan's retirement in 2002, their eldest son Grant, after 12 years training in all facets of the business, took the reins of the Harrison legacy. But Grant is quick to point out that leadership is not a right of inheritance. It's about humility, challenge, flexibility.

It's about listening, and supporting staff, customers, and family alike. It's about a little service station on High St, in 1973.


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