Aussie Forklift Training

Aussie Forklift Training has reached the highest Pinnacle of Training, Assessments and Licencing in Melbourne, with 3 locations at Campbellfield, Williamstown North and Hallam.
Each facility has classrooms for all instructional theory, training DVDs and written tests, as well as transport and logistics warehouses, fitted with pallet racking, obstructions, chicanes and pedestrian walk-ways.
Theoretical training is made up of the unforgettable induction DVD, classroom instruction, Learner guides for study and Activity books for practice questions.
Practical training comprises pre-operational checks, site inspection, operational driving, pallet racking placement and parking/shutting down forklifts.
Aussie Forklift Training has reached the Pinnacle of success and professionalism, that students can benefit from, in their future careers.
Ph: 0414 953 133